By Kathryn H. Braund, Gregory A. Waselkov, and Raven M. Christopher
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Forged through the territory of the Creek Nation by the United States federal government, the Federal Road was developed as a communication artery linking the east coast of the United States with Louisiana. Its creation amplified already tense relationships between the government, settlers, and the Creek Nation, culminating in the devastating Creek War of 1813-1814, and thereafter it became the primary avenue of immigration for thousands of Alabama settlers. 

The first half of the book offers a narrative history that includes brief accounts of the construction of the road, the experiences of historic travelers, and descriptions of major changes to the road over time. The second half of the volume serves as a modern traveler's guide to the Federal Road. 


“While much has been written about the Federal Road’s passage through Alabama, this is the first detailed guide that allows modern-day readers to travel portions of the old road where possible and to see significant sites along the way, including historical markers, museums, a wildlife refuge, a national forest, sites of forts, sites of Creek stands and taverns, monuments, and historical parks.”


Alabama Founders: Fourteen Political and Military Leaders Who Shaped the State and Clearing the Thickets: A History of Antebellum Alabama

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